GRAPHITE 2007 : Call for Digital Artwork

The GRAPHITE 2007 Digital Art Gallery will showcase works of art that exemplify the creative realization of innovative ideas using computer graphics and interactive techniques.

The convergence of visual art with computer science, mathematics, the natural sciences and other disciplines has resulted in new forms of expression. Artists and researchers are combining ideas, elements, and techniques in creative ways to produce artworks that stimulate and challenge our intellectual and emotional sensibilities. It is these cross-disciplinary artistic endeavors that explore new territories and help to define the exciting future of artistic expression using digital technology.

The GRAPHITE 2007 Art Gallery is looking for artworks that provoke thought, explore ideas in innovative ways, address contemporary issues, interactively engage the viewer in the unfolding of meaning, and captivate the viewer's intellectual and creative self.

If you use computer graphics and/or interactive techniques in innovative ways to produce art, please submit your work for consideration.

The GRAPHITE 2007 Digital Art Gallery is considering (but not limited to) the following types of work:

• 2D and 3D still images

• Small Interactive art installations and environments 

• Static or interactive electronic art sculptures, objects and/or robotics 

• CD/DVD-ROM and web-based artwork to be displayed on a monitor

Please also consider submitting:

• Art animations (submitted through the e-Cinema)

• Art Panels (propose a panel of 4 people to discuss a specific topic)

• Art Papers (theoretical papers focusing on digital art issues)

Selected artists may be asked to do an artist talk (short presentations about the concept, technique or development of the artwork) at the Graphite 2007 conference.

Bonnie Mitchell
GRAPHITE 2007 Digital Art co-Chair