REMIX - Creative Realtime Audiovisual Workshop

Sat 1st Dec - Sun 2nd Dec
9:00-17:00 (two full days)
Requires courses registration plus Sunday of conference (minimum)
Workshop (limited places, reservation information)

This two-day, intensive workshop offers an introduction to realtime audiovisual art, including brief history, showcase of contemporary works, the basic concepts (art of looping, codecs, projection) and introduction to essential programs. Participants will create their own remix using Isadora software and project it during the workshop.


In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in live visuals and video jockeying (VJ-ing) thanks to the development of new
tools and to the laptop culture in general. Now more than ever,
concerts and theatres incorporate visual projections and there are hundreds of events that show the creative diversity that exists in the world of live audiovisual creation. Audiences' fascination with new visual
forms and next-generation audiovisual programs have generated tremendous opportunities for artists and technologists, who want to mix different disciplines as design, architecture, music, dance, programming and image.

Live visual creation includes various practices: Video Jockeying, Live Cinema, Visual Music, etc. Video Jockeying is closely connected to club culture and creating visuals for Djs, while in Live Cinema and Visual Music the audio and visuals have more direct interaction, i.e. the visuals can be created with sound and programming. These practices are mostly presented in artistic events.


  • Basic knowledge of editing digital video
  • Bring your own laptop (minimum specs below)
  • optional: A MIDI Interface is required for MIDI input and output
MacOS X 10.2 (10.4 or above preferred)
QuickTime (version 7 or above preferred)
At least 64MB of free memory
Windows XP or later
1.5Ghz CPU
512Mb of RAM
Faster processor speed and more RAM will improve responsiveness


Mia Makela (a.k.a SOLU) is Finnish media+live cinema artist, teacher,
investigator and cultural activist residing in Barcelona.

She started performing visuals as part of audiovisual improvisational
band called DADATA in 2001 and after the dissolution of the group she
continued as SOLU. She has collaborated with many experimental
musicians including Heidi Mortenson and DJ Rupture. With Mortenson
she opened Transmediale festival in Berlin 2004 and performed at
Zagreb Biennale of Music, Cimatics-festival in Brussels and Museum of
Contemporary Art in Helsinki (2003). She has also performed at
various other festivals including SONIC ACTS in Amsterdam, SONAR
festival in Barcelona, AVIT in Birmingham, MAPPING in Geneva and
TRANSIT_MX in Mexico City.

Her experimental music videos have been widely exhibited in festivals
around the world: Xfest, Impact, Sonar, etc. Her style ranges from
minimal abstractions and strongly processed material to multi-layered
ambient landscapes. She processes her visual material with
MAX/MSP/JITTER and other programs like Isadora and Modul8.

In 2006 she published her thesis on Live Cinema language and
elements, (Medialaboratory, Helsinki) which gathers her experience on
realtime visuals. Her latest workshop titled "Audiovisual Realtime
Creation" took place in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Finland and