Pixar's RenderMan

Sat 1st Dec
9:00-17:00 (full day)
Workshop (limited places, reservation information)

This full-day course is an intensive, hands-on workshop introduction to Pixar's RenderMan system. RenderMan is a high quality renderer, widely used in the animation and digital effects industry and made famous by Pixar’s own feature film productions.


In the first part of the course, attendees will gain sufficient familiarity with RenderMan's 3D scene description language to enable them to edit and manipulate RIB files.

The second part of the course introduces the use of the RenderMan
Shading Language (RSL). Attendees are NOT expected to have prior
programming experience. The intention is to provide an overview of
the creative potential of the shading language to the point where
attendees will be confident to continue experimenting with RSL.

During the final part of the course attendees will use Pixar's
high-end product, RenderMan Studio, in conjuction with AutoDesk's
Maya. Prior experience with Maya will be advantageous but is not

Course schedule

Malcolm Kesson
Savannah College of Art and Design
Georgia, USA.

This event is proudly supported by
Pixar's RenderMan
Savannah College of Art and Design