GRAPHITE 2007 : Location: Perth, Western Australia

Conference Venue

Graphite 2007 will be held in Perth at the The University of Western Australia.

The University of Western Australia is located on the Stirling Hwy, Crawley, directly opposite the banks of the beautiful Swan River, see here for a map of the campus or see the Google map here. Zoom out to see the UWA campus in relation to other areas.

UWA University Club Shoreline UWA University Club Shoreline UWA University Club Shoreline UWA University Club Shoreline
UWA University Campus UWA University Campus UWA University Campus UWA University Campus

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About Western Australia

December marks the beginning of Summer in Australia. Expect warm, sunny days and mild evenings.

Sun, beach, adventure, an awesome natural environment and friendly people – it’s what you’ll find on your visit to Western Australia whatever time of year.

Cottesloe Beach Cottesloe Beach Leighton Beach

Nowhere else in the world can you experience and interact with such unique natural attractions.

See a Whaleshark at Ningaloo: dive with the world’s largest fish - the whale shark; snorkel with manta rays, swim with wild dolphins, walk amongst the tree tops of ancient trees, sleep under a canopy of stars in the desert, or explore the beehive-like formations of the Bungle Bungles with the help of an Aboriginal guide.

Western Australia truly is the authentic Australian experience.

Read more about Western Australia at

Wikipedia : Perth, Western Australia

Lonely Planet : Perth Travel Information

Public Transport

to the campus is listed here.

Transperth is the state public transport provider - timetables, ticket prices and route details are listed here.

Buses are the main system in Perth, running about every 12 minutes during the day, but only about every 20 minutes after 7pm and up to 40 minutes after 9pm - depending upon where you're going.

Trains do not service UWA, but there are easy means: buses, taxis, car-hire, bicycles or walking! If you are staying in Perth CBD, Subiaco or Fremantle then all these are accessible on the Perth-Fremantle trainline - check the Transperth site for schedules.


Taxis in Perth are rather expensive compared to other capital cities in Australia, and there don't seem to be that many around - so be prepared to wait - or call early and make a booking. Major Hotels and Pubs generally have taxi ranks nearby.

Two main taxi companies service Perth - Swan Taxis (ph. 131330) or Black and White (ph.131008) or check here.

Car Hire

Bayswater Hire Cars and Delta Europcar are available in Fremantle and Perth suburbs, they also deliver to Perth Airport. Other car hire firms can be found here.

Local Advice


The UWA campus is about 10 minutes drive from Perth CBD along Riverside Drive - it's a nice walk or bike ride if you have time, but will take about 30-40 minutes. UWA has several eateries, including The University Club; the nearest pub/cafe/restaurant is Steve's Nedlands Park Hotel (a 15 minute stroll), with nice views over the river. The University itself and surrounding areas get very quiet at night.


It's about 20-30 minutes drive from/to Fremantle (to the South) - a historic port city with beautiful architecture, the sea and plenty of restaurants and pubs - Fishing Boat Harbour is especially worth checking out. Fremantle is like the St. Kilda of Perth - it's suburbs all the way and then you arrive by the harbour. It's well worth visiting the Maritime Museum whilst you're there.


Nearby Subiaco (about 5-10 mins along Winthrop Ave.-Thomas St., right next to the beautiful - and huge - Kings Park) is a restaurant, shopping and nightlife area, but shuts down after midnight (the main intersection is Rokeby Rd. and Hay St., which runs into the CBD).


The area of Northbridge (to the North of Perth CBD) has plenty of restaurants and bars, but has become rather seedy over the past few years - however, if you want a late night, that's where to go. The Perth CBD itself leaves much to be desired as there is little happening after office hours - some good restaurants and uniform big hotels.


If you want to see some of Perth's best beaches, catch the sunset, stroll along the sand next to the surf - and have a meal - it is worth visiting Cottesloe (about 15 mins from UWA, say $15 by taxi) - there are also a couple of big pubs there overlooking the ocean - again it is quiet after midnight.


Oxford Street has become an increasingly busy area with quite a few good resturants, cafes, bars and a good cinema. Open until midnight-1am. About $12 by taxi from UWA.

In Sum
Your best bet for after-hours entertainment and eating are mainly Subiaco (nice and close - about $10 by taxi or a 30 minute walk - take 1 hr and wander through Kings Park to see the unique W.A. flora) or Fremantle (a lot more to do and see - about $20 by taxi.)

If you're an early-riser, then nothing beats a jog along Leighton Beach (between Fremantle and Cottesloe) in the fresh morning air.

Prices quoted are conservative estimates and your mileage may vary.