GRAPHITE 2007 : Call for Posters

1-4 December 2007
Perth, Western Australia

ACM SIGGRAPH and the GRAPHITE 2007 organising committee invite you to participate in the 5th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and South East Asia, GRAPHITE 2007.

GRAPHITE 2007 will provide a unique atmosphere for researchers, technologists, artists, industry professionals, educators and students to mingle while taking in the latest technical and artistic accomplishments from around the globe.

We welcome poster contributions relating to computer graphics and interactive techniques including, but not limited to:

* Modelling
* Animation
* Graphics Hardware
* Digital Art and Artists
* Scientific Computing and Visualisation
* VR/AR/Mixed Reality
* Gaming
* Rendering
* Novel Interaction Techniques
* Stereoscopic, Dome and Other Display Technologies
* Mobile Graphics
* Imaging
* Motion Capture
* Virtual Museums and Heritage
* Immersive Environments and Group Interaction
* Philosophy and History of Computer Graphics and Interaction

Key Dates

Mon 15th Oct : Poster proposal submission deadline
Thu 1st Nov : Notification of acceptance
Sat 1st Dec-Tue 4th Dec : Conference

General Information

A poster should describe original work and innovative ideas in a printed format suitable for display in the conference venue.

We encourage submissions from academia and industry, as well as independent work. Students are particularly welcome.

Poster submitters will appear with their posters to meet interested viewers at designated sessions during the conference. Participants in the posters program are welcome to bring laptops and/or physical artifacts to supplement their presentations if appropriate.

Posters and proposals aren't published in the conference proceedings.

Submission Process

Submit a one-page poster proposal as a PDF document formatted according to the instructions below. The proposal is not the poster itself. The proposal is a brief but detailed description of the work the poster will describe.

The poster proposal must be one page, single spaced, including images, figures, tables and references.

Poster proposal submissions are not anonymous and should include the names of all collaborators on the work, their institutions and the contact person for the poster.

The format of poster proposals should conform to the style for "Conferences sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH" described at

The one-page proposal must stand alone as an overview and summary of the poster. But in many cases, it is impossible for the reviewers to evaluate poster without seeing the results or project demonstrated in more detail. Accordingly, submitters may provide supporting material in the form of video, images, and/or further documentation. If supporting material is submitted, it and the proposal PDF should be supplied in a single ZIP file.

The GRAPHITE 2007 online poster submission system will be used by submitters to create their profiles and manage their poster proposal submissions.

Poster presenters who wish to demonstrate their work using a laptop or other means should indicate this in the notes section provided by the submission system.

Poster submissions close on Monday 15th October.

After submission, poster proposals will be reviewed and submitters will be notified whether their posters have been accepted into the conference by Thursday 1st November.

The Poster

A poster is traditionally formed from a collection of individual A4 or letter-size sheets of paper, each containing a slide or image. Each sheet is attached to its own piece of posterboard or all of the sheets may be attached to a single piece of posterboard. If you have access to a large-format printer, you may decide to print the document directly on a large sheet of paper (which should still be mounted on posterboard for strength).

The assembled and mounted poster should not be much larger than A0 size (ISO 216, 841x1189mm, 33.1x46.8in) or ANSI E size (ANSI/ASME Y14.1, 34x44in, 864x1118mm). Posters may be exhibited in portrait or landscape orientation. Many poster presenters choose to laminate the finished poster, but this is not mandatory.

On arrival at conference registration the presenter should bring the poster, ready to display. The presenter poster will be supplied with materials to mount the posterboard on a wall or partition in the poster session space.


For enquiries relating to posters, please email:

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