GRAPHITE 2007 : Keynotes

Henrik Wann Jensen

Simulating Natural Materials

Henrik Wann Jensen is well known for his work on realistic image synthesis, global illumination, rendering of natural phenomena, and appearance modeling. His contributions to computer graphics include the photon mapping algorithm for global illumination, and the first technique for efficiently simulating subsurface scattering in translucent materials.

Dr Jensen's keynote will be on "Simulating Natural Materials", and will provide a view of where the state of the art is currently at in natural material simulation, as well as where the current problems are and how he sees work in the area progressing.

Professor Jeffrey Shaw & Ms. Sarah Kenderdine

Immersive Visualisation and Interactive Narrative

Professor Jeffrey Shaw has been a pioneering international figure in new media and interactive art over the last thirty years, setting benchmarks for the use of interactive digital media in virtual, augmented and hybrid reality, immersive visualization environments, navigable cinematic systems, and interactive interface design.

Professor Shaw’s keynote "Immersive Visualisation and Interactive Narrative" will be given with Ms. Sarah Kenderdine (Head of Special Projects at Museum Victoria), and will examine development of new types of immersive visualisation and interactive narrative systems, in particular for Cultural Heritage applications.